Trawna Publications prides itself on working closely with clients to build sites that address their needs. To demonstrate this, rather than a traditional gallery of screen shots of sites we've designed, we have opted for more in-depth case studies of selected projects. Every project is unique, but these case studies demonstrate many of the basic blocks from which successful sites are built.

Gaia's Gardens

Gaia's Gardens is a fairly simple site, with some dynamic components such as a photo gallery and random tip-of-the-day. Their site is primarily intended as a marketing tool to bring in new customers.

Toronto Ultimate Club is a more complex site, combining the Zikula framework with various third-party modules and other open-source software. TUC uses this site as a vital resource for communicating with over 3000 members.


Zuluru is a package for sports league management, initially developed for the Toronto Ultimate Club but released into the public-domain. It is a feature-for-feature replacement for Leaguerunner, with many enhancements.

Process Management

Small companies look to gain any possible advantage over larger competitors. This case study discusses web applications we have built to help organizations streamline their in-office processing and improve the accuracy of their data.