Trawna Publications offers a wide variety of services. We will work with you to develop a web-based solution that's right for your business. Whether you need to upgrade the face you show the world or streamline your internal processes, one or more of the options below may be right for you.

Basic Site

Every business can improve their sales and communicate better with their customers by having even a simple web site. We can design a new site for you, or revamp your existing site to better reflect the image you want to present to the world.

Content Management System (CMS)

Many businesses need to update their information on a regular basis. By adding a CMS to your site, you can make those changes on your own schedule, from any internet-connected computer, rather than being constrained by the availability of your IT contact. A CMS may optionally provide you with blogging and similar capabilities to improve communication with your customers.

Dynamic Content

The next step is to add dynamic content to your site. Many organizations draw benefit from publishing a photo gallery of past projects, catalog of available products, shopping cart, event calendar, testimonials from satisfied clients, areas that are only available to registered users, and so on. These needs are best handled with customized solutions managed through a private administrative interface. Recent advances in rapid-application development (RAD) frameworks aimed specifically at web development have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever for us to build a highly interactive site to engage your customers.

Process Management

Dealing with the ever-increasing amount of information flowing to you through your web site and other sources gets harder all the time. We have helped businesses to streamline their in-office information flow, and can interface with your third-party applications, such as CRM software or Microsoft® Office. By decreasing error-prone manual data entry, we aim to eliminate duplication of effort, increase accuracy, and improve customer relations. Customers that undertake such process automations typically find that their human resources are freed up to work on more important matters, or staffing requirements may be reduced, resulting in significant savings.

Site Management

Your company uses a courier to deliver your packages, contracts out equipment maintenance, and hires lawyers and accountants to deal with legal and financial issues. But, for some reason, you are expected to be an expert in all the arcana of setting up and maintaining your web presence. Domain registrations, domain name services, web hosting, database maintenance, email configuration and other tasks all require specialized knowledge, and every task has a password associated with it. We can manage all of this for you, freeing you up to focus on your areas of expertise.